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The Beauty of Nature and Junk

Living in NZ means that every one of us is surrounded by the most amazing natural art whether we see it or not...

I love to walk...and run when energy allows. I am always taken by the patterns and colour that many people overlook on a daily basis. There is so much to see and use!

Often, I will return from these exercise outings with "Tina Treasures", or send my poor husband off to retrieve something that I think I can upcycle, or turn into a piece of art.

My home is filled with unusual forms of art, repurposed foliage, redundant objects recycled, reworked car parts, abandoned street signs, and even a pool cue suspended from the ceiling.

What I'm trying to say is that creations don't have to be expensive...just creative.

Here are some images that I have surrounded myself with. You can either laugh at or admire them, it's up to you, I'm a big girl, I can take it!

Natures gifts

From Left to right: Palm flower seed weaved into a basket. Dried flowers dipped in paint. Queen palm frond made into an elephant head. Jewels of the sea forming a Kiwi wreath.

Manmade Repurposed Objects

From Left to right: Old driving range golf baskets were given new life. Teardrop window from a 70's panel van is now a ying-yang wall art. Old leather builder's belt has been transformed into a coffee table hold-all.

Unusual Painting Surfaces

Large (112cm diameter) cable spool becomes a great surface for rustic outdoor art.

I might touch on some of these in later blogs but I really just wanted to let you know to keep your peepers open when you're out and about. Thinking outside the square can be very rewarding.

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