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I have recently arrived back into my new home which I left as a blank canvas 3 years ago. I was looking to make this house a home, with style, taste and warmth. I wanted something that was original, from someone kiwi, and who wasn't a mass producer. Tina's pieces are not your cookie cutter same same paintings. Each one of her paintings tells a different story and are unique. I now have elegance with wow factor at my entrance, whimsical, fun and lightness in my hallway and soulful, mood and tranquility in my bedroom. Tina personally helped me position the pieces I loved, in the right place for the spaces of my home and hung them for me too. Her consideration of light, flow of the house and how the eye experiences her work is extremely artful. She really does display the art of interiors and their design. Every time I walk through my home now, I am thrilled with the beauty and uniqueness of her work. Tina was a pleasure to work with and came highly recommended. Looking forward to seeing what she does next!

Rashmini Prasad

Outstanding New Zealand artist with flair for abstracts and landscapes. Stunning work that adds character, depth and style to any space. Highly recommended.

Nigel Piper

"THANKS, it’s truly amazing we love it! Xanthie is super lucky to have a Tina original hanging in her room"

Matthew Simpson

My wife had admired one of Tina's paintings (Trippy) for some time and I decided to purchase it for her birthday. Tina was excellent to deal with and worked with me to ensure that the painting would arrive on time for the special occasion. The painting had to be shipped to Wellington so I was concerned about shipping a canvas artwork, but Tina assured me the painting would be well wrapped and protected. On arrival it was clear to see that my concerns were unfounded, excellent packaging. Now this wonderful piece of art takes centre stage on our living room wall. Fantastic artist and professional level

service, thank you Tina.

Martin Bosch

"Amelia loved hers, she points to it each night now and we read out the letters! Hope you’re well - love your website...maybe when we get our forever home we can get some nice artwork!!!"

Juliette Howland


I bought one of Tina’s paintings - ‘Evening on the Pier’. I had admired it for some time before I bought it but it now looks stunning on my wall. I was a little worried about it being shipped safely to Wellington (from Auckland) but it was very securely packaged and arrived within 48 hours! In fact the packaging was so good that I have reused it to safely transport the painting again when I moved house recently. All in all, beautiful painting, secure packaging and fantastic service. Thank you Tina.


We have admired Tina’s artwork and talent for a number of years, but when we saw “Diamond Rain” both Kaye and I thought it was amazing and as we were travelling the upper North Island in our campervan, we arranged for Tina to give us a showing.
We both fell in love with the painting and brought it home and it brings a smile to our face every day. It’s perfect on the wall and seems to bring out different colours with the light.
She was so professional to deal with and really helpful with the packaging. We would gladly recommend her to other prospective buyers.
Just love your work and thanks very much.
Darryn and Kaye

"Love love love these Tina. Our two are so special and the best keepsake for our kiddies. The best part is, Connor's one is him to a tee. You are so talented my friend and we were so lucky to get one for both our two. 

Christa Jellyman

"I absolutely love Jessie’s nameplate. It’s timeless. "

Anna Gibson

I have been wanting to buy one of Tina's works for several years now and delighted to have just purchased the two-piece painting, "This Way". Tina's work is getting better and better, and she was happy to let me first see the piece in the proposed setting and to offer advice on hanging. Very pleased with this interestingly coloured painting.

Linda O'Reilly

So happy to have one of Tina’s paintings. I absolutely love this piece as the colours are just what was needed. This is the first thing I see when I come downstairs in the morning & it makes me instantly happy😊

Michelle Boyce

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