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Art, Lollies and the One Stop Candy Shop

Believe it or not, there is a similarity between purchasing art and lollies.

Not only is everybody's taste different, but they can both become quite addictive!

COVID 19 has forced us all to change the way we do things or at least, made us look at things differently. I don't think this a bad thing, it's the way things were heading...we just got there a bit quicker.

More and more people are now making purchases online...I am one of them, what's more, I quite enjoy it.

Because of this, many artists have decided to create their own website or give their existing website a refresh.

I believe there has been a surge in websites selling art since March this year which is great news for the art buyer and the artist!

We can now look at more artwork available online, buyers and art lovers alike are seeing a very good representation of what is available by New Zealand artists.

From my experience of working in a gallery, I often heard the comment "this looks so much better in real life", which was often followed with "please wrap it up, I'm taking it."

It is extremely difficult to capture the essence of a painting when looking online as the colours, texture and size can get lost between the camera lens and the computer. The great news here is that when purchasing online the experience will likely be more satisfying when you receive the actual painting.

When searching for art online you can quickly and easily scroll from one website to another until you find the artwork, artist or style you like.

There is so much creativity here in New Zealand it is truly amazing! Check out some of these NZ artists who I follow:

When you find that particular artwork, it's like finding your favourite lolly. Often you will keep going back to that same favourite to satisfy your sweet tooth, while at other times you might decide you want more of a "pick 'n' mix".

In the same way that there are individual websites, there is also a one-stop candy shop for art, it's called Mobile Art Gallery

Mobile Art Gallery has a representation of almost 100 New Zealand artists on their books and even more artworks to view and purchase. It is located in Mount Eden, Auckland. Their gallery space has an extensive array of styles, sizes and prices. There is something there for everyone's taste and budget.

They also have a particularly good website for you to check out as well, especially if you're not sure where to start looking. All the artwork that you see on their website is available for sale AND in stock. Diana is more than willing to help you find that elusive piece. If you are starting out as an art collector or already well entrenched in your established art collection then check this place out, you will be amazed at what you will find.

To close off the week's blog, and come full circle with my lolly analogy, my final similarity between art and lollies is that I have a strong affinity for both!! One is better for my health.... the other is easier for my pocket!

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