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Nursery Names



Here is a personalised and novel way to celebrate a newborn. These hand-drawn images are created to reflect the uniqueness of the child and their family. 

To explain, I customise each piece to the family eg. if the parent plays a sport I will incorporate it into the drawing. If there are family pets I do my best to include them too. I think you get the idea.

The finished product is on a piece of quality ( 110 gsm). A4 paper. I will leave it up to you to frame it in a style that suits you.


Pricing: A set price of $40 and then $15 for each letter after that + P&P

For example "Amelia" would cost $130 +P&P

If you are interested in ordering one of these unique and personalised gifts then please reach me on my contact page, using "Nursery Names" in the subject line and the following information. Or simply phone me for info.

  • The child's name

  • Date of birth

  • Gender 

  • Any family pets

  • Occupation of parents (optional)

  • Interests, hobbies, or specific colours (optional)

  • Address to send it to 

I am restricted to names with no more than 8 characters as this is the limit that fits on an A4 page.

I started out creating these pieces for friends and family, but since I have had such a great response from them I thought I would make them available to you.

Here is some feedback I have received:

"THANKS, it’s truly amazing we love it! Xanthie is super lucky to have a Tina original hanging in her room"

"Love love love these Tina. Our two are so special and the best keepsake for our kiddies. The best part is, Connor's one is him to a tee. You are so talented my friend and we were so lucky to get one for both our two. "

"I absolutely love Jessie’s nameplate. It’s timeless. "

"Amelia loved hers, she points to it each night now and we read out the letters! Hope you’re well - love your website...maybe when we get our forever home we can get some nice artwork!!!"

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